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Poor Cable Management Can Be a Fire Hazard

Does your home or office have wires and cables spread out all across the floor or bundled in barely-accessible areas in the corner? If you’re like many people, the answer is probably yes. Not only are these cables a tripping hazard, but they can also lead to an electrical fire. All it takes is a […]

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Common Fire Hazards in the Home

It’s important to protect your family by taking proper safety precautions and identifying all the possible fire hazards in your home. These home fire dangers might include cooking equipment, electrical equipment, candles and all kinds of other products. That said, there’s no reason to avoid using these things in your home. Just be careful when […]

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Common Workplace Fire Hazards to Watch Out For

Fires are terrifying, and could end up causing major damage to your workplace. Not only that, but they could also cause extreme injuries to employees. That’s why it’s important to identify fire hazards in the workplace and establish proper precautions. Read on to learn about some of the most common workplace fire hazards: Combustible materials: […]

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