How To Maintain Your Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher maintenance is important if you have one in your home or business. It is never a good thing if a fire extinguisher is unable to perform as expected in the event of an emergency. To help ensure your fire extinguisher is well-maintained, you can have it inspected regularly.

Tips for Maintaining Your Fire Extinguisher

Here are some things you can do to ensure that your fire extinguisher performs as needed:

  • Check your extinguisher visually once a month. Don’t forget to look for the last date of inspection, which should be located on the tag that is connected to the extinguisher itself.
  • Don’t forget to ensure the extinguisher can be accessed without any problems. This means nothing should be blocking or located in front of the extinguisher. In the event someone needs it, they should be able to retrieve it easily.
  • Always ensure that the needle is aimed toward the green part of the wheel.
  • It is important to actually check for damage to the tamper seal and pin. These should always remain in their proper place and without any damage.
  • The nozzle and hose should also be undamaged and kept in good condition. If you notice any destruction or signs of the nozzle rusting, you should have it replaced immediately.
  • The best way to break up the solution inside the extinguisher is by turning it upside down. You should do this once a month also.
  • The fire extinguisher label should always be facing outwards and readable while the extinguisher is attached to the wall.

Remember, you should contact a fire extinguisher service company if any of the above are not as they should be. A professional company will be able to fix any needed repairs or replace your extinguisher if needed.

Additionally, every year you should have your fire extinguisher checked by a professional company. This inspection should only be done by a licensed and certified company. During the inspection, your professional will check for other things and even perform hydrostatic testing. A tag should also be left on the extinguisher following the inspection. This will state the date the inspection was performed. If you notice that your extinguisher contains no tag, you should reach out to the company.

The only way to ensure your fire extinguisher is maintained and dependable when you need it is by having it inspected regularly.

Furthermore, everyone in your establishment or household must be knowledgeable about how to use the extinguisher in the event of an emergency. To use the extinguisher, with the nozzle aimed away from you, you should tug the pin and point it toward the base of the fire. Squeeze the nozzle gently and sweep from one side to the next.

Your local fire department can also provide you with any additional information or questions you may have regarding your fire extinguisher. You may also be able to participate in classes to train you and your employees or family members on the best practices of fire extinguishers.