Fire Extinguisher Training in Santa Clarita, CA

Raider Fire Protection specializes in fire extinguisher training in Santa Clarita and Humphreys, CA, helping your business stay compliant with all OSHA safety standards. Our knowledgeable and experienced training staff takes a hands-on approach to training, giving you and your employees the information needed to stay safe in a fire emergency.

Everyone’s seen a fire extinguisher, but few people know how to use them effectively. Our mission is to keep your employees and your property safe in the event of a fire. Arm yourself with the right equipment and information to protect life and property!

OSHA-Approved Fire Safety Training

Raider Fire Protection provides all OSHA-mandated Fire Extinguisher Use and Safety Training Demonstrations at your business location during a convenient time for you and your employees.

We address the use of fire protection equipment through a video presentation and an in-depth fire extinguisher training forum on types of fires and proper extinguisher use for each specific situation. Then, we hold a hands-on demonstration performed by our professionally trained and licensed fire safety personnel at an outdoor location at your business.

We provide all necessary equipment for training sessions including all relevant fire extinguishing equipment. Our fire safety training sessions in Santa Clarita, CA provide employees with opportunities to learn the following concepts:

  • Recognition of the type of fire they’ve encountered
  • Determining the appropriate type of extinguisher
  • Proper hands-on use of a fire extinguisher
  • Introduction to the “three elements” of a fire: oxygen, heat, fuel
  • Introduction to the effective and efficient PASS technique: pull, aim, squeeze, sweep

Providing Vital Fire Safety Knowledge

Raider Fire Protection is your trusted resource for fire safety training, including familiarity with fire extinguishers and how to use them effectively. Knowledge is power when it comes to keeping people safe should an emergency situation occur.
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