How To Select the Right Portable Fire Extinguisher

Portable Fire Extinguishers are crucial in putting out small fires before they blaze into big fires. They can also help contain the fire until the firefighters arrive. You can also use them to clear fire from the escape route to help people run for safety. However, choosing a fire extinguisher can be challenging, especially if you are purchasing one for the first time. However, there are essential things you need to know to help you choose the right one. The vital things you need to keep in mind while picking a fire extinguisher include:

Type of Fires and Extinguishers

Various types of fires require specific types of fire extinguishers to put out the flames. Therefore, while planning to buy a fire extinguisher, you need to carefully assess the situation to determine the type of fire you are likely to deal with. Hire a building fire assessment professional to help you evaluate the situation if you are unsure how to do it. 

There are different categories of fires depending on the materials involved in the fire. The categories include:

  • Class A involves ordinary combustibles such as paper, wood, or cloth. Experts recommend air-pressurized water extinguishers for this type of fire.
  • Class B involves flammable liquids such as oil, petrol, or paraffin. Here you can consider CO2 fire extinguishers, dry chemicals, or foam extinguishers. 
  • Class C involves flammable gases such as butane, propane, ethane, and methane. They also include electrical appliances and tools. CO2 fire extinguishers and dry chemical extinguishers are suitable for these fires.
  • Class D involves compatible metals such as magnesium, aluminum, and titanium. You can consider Dry Powder or Specialist Powder extinguishers for these fires. 
  • Class K involves cooking oils and are most common in kitchens. According to experts, you can consider Wet Chemical fire extinguishers for these fires. They have an additional Class A rating.

Experts also recommend ABC fire extinguishers for home or office use because they can cover flammable liquids, combustibles, and electrical fires.

What To Consider When Buying

Consider the following points as you get ready to make that safety purchase.

Size and Weight of Fire Extinguisher

The size and weight of a fire extinguisher determine the amount of the extinguishing agent it contains. The size and weight also determine where you will place the extinguisher. 

Please consult a professional to help you select the best size and put it according to the building codes and standards. Landlords or homeowners should put them in visible places with clear guidelines on using them. For example, place them along normal travel paths and corridors leading to the exits.

Consider Reputable Dealers

Reputable dealers sell specific types of fire extinguishers for particular purposes. Therefore, there are higher chances of you getting the correct type of extinguisher from these dealers than from unknown suppliers in the market.

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