Why a Home Fire Extinguisher Is a Must

Nobody likes thinking about it, but a house fire can occur at any moment. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that there are more than 350,000 house fires across the country each year, and they can happen to anyone at any time.

In addition to having working smoke detectors throughout your property, a fire extinguisher is your best bet when it comes to home fire safety. Keep reading to learn why:

  • Save lives: First and foremost, a fire extinguisher can save lives. A fire can’t harm you or your family if you’re able to put it out as soon as it flames up. Along with buying a fire extinguisher for your home, take time to read the label and ensure everyone knows how to use it.
  • Keep the fire contained: The chances of injuries or deaths fall significantly if you can keep the fire contained to its origin point. Additionally, controlling the fire from the get-go results in less property damage. A fire extinguisher is pretty much the only tool that can accomplish this task.

What is the best type of fire extinguisher for my home?

Fire extinguishers come in all different sizes and are rated to put out many kinds of fires. For example, a Class A extinguisher is meant to put out ordinary combustible materials, while a Class D extinguisher works for flammable metals. There are also combination fire extinguishers to put out a variety of fires.

The best fire extinguisher for your home is a model that’s labeled “ABC.” These extinguishers put out ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids and electrical fires. In terms of size, a smaller handheld model should be fine. Just make sure it’s small enough for everyone in the family to wield it.

Where should fire extinguishers be placed?

It’s recommended that homeowners keep a fire extinguisher on each floor for easy access. Here are some places to keep those extinguishers:

  • Kitchen: It’s easy to see why about half of all house fires start in the kitchen. We recommend keeping your kitchen extinguisher no more than 30 feet from the stove to ensure you have easy access to it while cooking.
  • Fireplaces: There’s nothing quite like an evening gathered around a fireplace—that is, until a rogue ember jumps out of the fire and onto the carpet. Be prepared for that scenario by keeping a fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Garage: Many garages have gas canisters, motor oils, cleaning products and other flammable substances out in the open. Place a fire extinguisher in the garage just in case there’s an incident involving any of these items.
  • Bedrooms: The majority of house fires start at night when everyone’s asleep. Keep an extinguisher in each bedroom, even in kids’ rooms. There’s no age limit when it comes to fire extinguisher use!

Buy your fire extinguishers today

If you need to buy home fire safety equipment, look no further than Raider Fire Protection. We carry all sorts of fire extinguishers to protect your family and your property. Call us today to learn more about our selection or to schedule a fire extinguisher training session.