Which Fire Extinguisher Is Best for My Business?

Businesses in all industries are required by law to have adequate fire protection and defense systems in place to promote a safe environment for employees and visitors alike. Unfortunately, choosing the right extinguisher for your premises isn’t as simple as picking the first option you see. You need to pay close attention to the class labels and ratings on extinguishers so you have the right equipment to combat the types of fires that may break out at your property.

So, what’s the best fire extinguisher for your business? Read on to learn more about your options.

Fire extinguisher classes

Class/label ratings on fire extinguishers provide guidance as to what types of fires an extinguisher can effectively handle. Get to know the different classes below:

  • Class A: Class A extinguishers fight fires fueled by common combustibles like paper, cloth, plastic and wood. If you run a general retail business like a furniture company or bookstore, you should have one of these extinguishers handy in case of a fire.
  • Class B: Class B extinguishers are the best fire extinguishers for businesses that contain a significant amount of flammable liquids like oil and gas. Gas stations, industrial warehouses and home improvement stores need to keep class B extinguishers on hand to put out flammable liquid fires and keep them from reigniting.
  • Class C: For businesses that contain extensive electronic equipment, class C extinguishers are essential. They fight fires resulting from electrical wiring, fuse boxes, machines and control panels, displacing the oxygen and reducing the temperature to quickly stop fires.
  • Class D: Laboratories and biotech companies should have at least one class D extinguisher on the premises. These models combat fires involving metals and combustible powders.
  • Class K: If you run a restaurant, commercial kitchen or even a home catering business, you need to have a class K extinguisher on hand. These models fight fires fueled by kitchen combustibles, including fats, oils and grease (FOGs). The smothering agents range from a fine mist to potassium bicarbonate, effectively combating both the high temperature and flames associated with kitchen fires.

Other important considerations

In addition to selecting the proper extinguisher type for your business, also keep in mind the size and weight of the model. If you run a large commercial space like a warehouse or workshop, a 10-pound extinguisher is ideal. A 5-pound extinguisher works best for smaller spaces like offices and retail stores. Always consider the physical elements of working at your office, since a fire extinguisher is only effective if it can be easily maneuvered and used by those who are responding to a fire.

Choosing the best fire extinguisher for your business can make all the difference in protecting life and property should a fire break out at your premises. Contact Raider Fire Protection today for expert guidance, not just in terms of choosing the right extinguisher model, but also for proper use of the equipment. You’ll have peace of mind that you’re fully prepared to safely handle an emergency fire situation at your business.