What’s the Difference Between Fire Protection and Fire Prevention?

The terms “fire protection” and “fire prevention” may seem interchangeable. However, fire protection services are different than fire prevention measures. Complete fire safety training involves familiarity with both protection and prevention. Both are crucial to protecting your property and its occupants. Here’s what you need to know about these important terms.

Fire protection services vs. fire prevention

Fire prevention includes the steps you can take to reduce the risk of fire on your property. It involves safety measures to prevent fire hazards. The bottom line: fire prevention is focused on stopping the fire before it starts.

For example, some common fire hazards include dirty fireplaces, overloaded electrical outlets, improperly stored materials and unattended lit candles. By performing regular maintenance and eliminating some of these practices, you are helping prevent fires.

Prevention efforts also include regular inspection and testing of your systems. It is important to partner with local fire protection services to perform this maintenance. These professionals will perform regular maintenance to keep your systems working reliably. They will also inform you of any weaknesses in your system that should be addressed.

Working in conjunction with your fire protection measures are your fire protection services. Fire protection involves detecting fires and acting to minimize their impact. Fire protection includes sprinkler systems, fire alarms, extinguishers and suppression systems. It encompasses all technology that alerts people to fire or monitors a fire. The bottom line: fire protection services exist to respond once the fire has ignited.

Why you need both

Either of these systems is ineffective without the other. It is essential to take steps to prevent fire, but, because all circumstances cannot be controlled, it is also essential to have fire protection services in place. You cannot eliminate the risk entirely, so always put systems such as smoke alarms and other technology in place as safeguards.

Which fire prevention and protection measures do I need?

Not sure exactly what fire prevention and fire protection systems would be best for your setting? Consult with your local fire protection services. These experts will evaluate your property and any fire risks to determine what steps should be taken for fire prevention as well as what fire protection services would be best for your location. They can also let you know what systems you may need to add in order to comply with local fire regulations. They will also inspect these systems regularly, which is important for system maintenance as well as ongoing compliance.

We prevent and protect

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