Who Needs a Fire Extinguisher?

From the kitchen to the basement or even the attic, a fire can break out anywhere at any time. Calling the fire department is obviously your best bet for putting out the fire, but you can take matters into your own hands before they arrive by using a fire extinguisher.

We believe everyone should have a fire extinguisher on hand at all times, but there are actually also some laws that explicitly state who needs a fire extinguisher.

Fire code states that every commercial or residential building needs to have fire extinguishers available. The only exceptions are family homes, duplexes and manufactured homes. So, it’s safe to say that nearly every building you see should have at least one fire extinguisher available at all times.

What kind of fire extinguisher do I need?

All fire extinguishers aren’t created equal, and each extinguisher has a classification that tells what kinds of fires it can put out. A class A extinguisher is for ordinary combustibles, class B is for flammable liquids, class C is for live electrical equipment, class D is for combustible metals and class K is for commercial cooking equipment.

There are also extinguishers that carry an ABC rating, which means they’re capable of handling all three types of fires. These extinguishers are suitable for most buildings, but class D and K extinguishers may be needed for some commercial buildings.

Talk to your fire extinguisher retailer to see which extinguishers are needed for your building to ensure you’re cooperating with fire extinguisher laws.

Where should fire extinguishers be placed?

Class A and D extinguishers must be placed no more than 75 feet from a given location. Class B is no more than 50 feet, and K-rated extinguishers must be within 30 feet of anyone at a given time. The location for class C extinguishers depends on the location of your class A and B extinguishers.

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